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Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions for Restaurants

Agreement – an agreement between a Customer and a Restaurant through the Platform, for the ordering, delivery and/or collection of meals, beverages and related items.

Takeaway Ordering methods – At motherland spices, takeaway and delivery orders are received through telephone and online portal at


Customer – a natural person (over 18 years) or legal entity who places an Order at the Restaurant through the Platform.


KYC information – all documents and data required by in compliance with GDPR and UK money laundering act.

Order – an order placed by a Customer with the Restaurant via the portal and telephone.
Payment services – With our integrated service of online payment service provider , we use secure method of payment processing. Customers are also able to pay the order through telephone as well as payment counter when order is picked up.



Platform – the website(s), apps, tools and other equipment of and its affiliated services are used to process orders.

Restaurant – a company that prepares meals, beverages and related articles and uses the Service and, if

applicable, the Payment Services for the establishment and payment of the Agreements.


Restaurant Information – the information about the Restaurant with regard to, among other things, company and contact information, KYC information, general information, product range (meals, side dishes, options and beverages, including composition, ingredients and additives of meals and drinks, including allergens, nutrition facts and volume information when legally required), menus, prices for each individual product (including VAT), company logo, graphics, domain name, delivery area (including postal codes), delivery costs, minimum order amounts, opening hours, including intellectual property rights, licenses and information required by law and other information about the Restaurant.


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